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Starburst Cat Toy

Starburst toy

Hello, cat lovers, dessert lovers, and everyone else!  This week’s cat toy is simple, quick, and requires pretty much no equipment.  Whoopee!  We’re back to the basics, here, which means, in the world of cat toys, one thing: toilet paper tube.  What is it with toilet paper tubes being turned into cat toys?  It’s everywhere!  Although, I have to say, it does make sense.  I’ve had a cat or two in my time who just played with the cardboard tube itself, before it was ever turned into anything at all.

I originally found this toilet paper tube cat toy on Hubpages.  So it’s simple, but that doesn’t mean much when the cats aren’t interested, does it?  Well, never fear, super cat lovers!  It turns out that this toy was a winner with at least one of the flock, anyway.  Gus took right to it.  Now the thing about Gus is…that Gus is weird.  When he’s playing with a toy, his brother Oliver, or, well, anything, he loves to step on said plaything with his back paws.  It’s his way of showing frisky, happy dominance, I guess.  Well, he was stepping all over this thing like he was Fred Astaire learning to dance!  (If you don’t know who Fred Astaire is, look him up.  You’ll thank me later.)

Starburst toy

Anyway, Gus had a ball with this little starburst toy, so much, in fact, that he was hard to take a picture of.  As Cary Grant said in Arsenic and Old Lace, he was a “tall, dark, streak of light.”  If you don’t know who Cary Grant is, look him up.  You’ll thank me later.  Just givin’ you an education in some classic films here today.  Ain’t no thing.

Here’s what you need for this toy:

-A toilet paper tube

-A scissors

And this is how you do it:  On each end of the toilet paper tube, cut lines that are about a quarter of an inch apart, all the way around the tube.  Cut them about a half an inch in.  Then fold them back.

Get ready for hours of play, or hours of sitting and singing to the toy.  That happens too.  Cats are nothing if not choir performers.

Have a great day peoples!

Starburst Toy

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