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Rice Milk

rice milk

OK, everyone.  It’s time to step back into the lab and start experimenting!

You know how I love to make weird things myself that you could usually just buy.  Case in point: vanilla extract.  Or how about this oat milk?  What do I do it?  I have no idea.  All I know is that it gives me a happy feeling of satisfaction, like the opening scene of the My Little Ponies show from the 80s where the ponies are flying around the rainbow. (I’ve possibly just aged myself. 😀  But let’s face it, being a pony flying around a rainbow has to be the highest level of happiness, right?  …possibly I’m weird. 😉

One food-related concoction I’d like to step into the lab and make sometime are my own roasted coffee beans.  Has anyone tried it before?  If so, you are a rock star.  Apparently all you have to do is buy green coffee beans and stick them in a…can you guess?…air popcorn popper. 😋

Can you believe it?  Doesn’t that sound wild?  But apparently you have to make super sure that you have the right style popper.  It has to have heat vents on the side, not bottom, because it gets super hot.  Having air vents on the bottom causes it to overheat and your kitchen to set on fire.  🤔  But imagine the smell of that fire!  Starbucks times a million. 😉

rice milk

Well, no coffee is being made today, but I always take a little milk in my coffee.  And that milk is almost always a milk alternative like almond, cashew, or this little beaut.  It’s rice milk!  And if you’ve never made your own milk alternative before, this is definitely where to start.  It’s only going to take ten sweet minutes out of your day.  You just pulse cooked rice with water and your optional add ins.  You don’t even strain it!  You just shake it up before drinking it.

How good would this rice milk be in your own rice pudding?  Rice overload in a good way!  It tastes a little like horchata without the sweetness.  And if you want a little nutrition bump feel free to use brown rice.  It doesn’t impact the flavor at all.  Get down with your hippie, rice milk- drinking self. ✌️

rice milk

(From a rice milk recipe on Money Saving Mom)

Rice Milk
  • 1 cup cooked rice
  • 4 cups water
  • Optional cinnamon and vanilla to taste
  1. Add cooked rice, water, and optional add ins to a blender and pulse until smooth. Store in the fridge, making sure to shake before using.


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