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Pom Pom Toy

Pom Pom toy

How would you like a short and sweet toy idea to impress the hard-to-impress feline in your life?  You’d like one?  You’d love one?  Woohoo, then.  You’ve come to the right rodeo.  This toy gets five out of five purrs (still can’t decide if that’s a cute or annoying rating system) with Pie and the boys, and is especially popular with a certain long haired Oliver Twist.

Yep, this pom pom toy has been Oliver’s favorite for years.  I think I’ve been making them since he was almost fully grown.  The story of how this toy came to be is pretty similar to the pipe cleaner toy from last week.  I got the pom pom balls for some craft project, and Oliver tore into the bag like a possessed Pooh bear out for his honey fix.

These pom pom balls can be purchased in the craft section of many stores.  I didn’t really like the idea of letting him play with the balls on their own because they’re a little small, so I decided to string them up (wow, what great sewing skills, right?) and make them better, faster, stronger.  You get the idea.

Oliver isn’t a cat who I would call big on exercise, but when I throw these around he always goes after them.  He even fetches them sometimes.  I wish I could record him doing that.  He just looks so proud of himself.  Want to see if your cat becomes similarly addicted? Here’s what you need:

-Pom pom balls (look in the craft section, next to pipe cleaners.  They’re soft and look a little like a firm version of cotton balls)

-Strong thread

-Scissors to cut thread


Go on and make that toy:

Cut off about eight inches of strong thread and thread your needle.  Take four, five, six, or however many pom poms you desire, and string them onto the thread.  Take off the needle and bring the ends together.  Tie them into a firm knot, then knot it a couple more times.  Then cut off any excess pieces of thread.  If you tie your knot tight enough to the pom poms, it pretty much disappears into the fluff.  Just make sure it’s tight so it doesn’t come loose.

Pom Pom Toy

(Here’s the action shot.  Oliver quickly circles his prey.  Meanwhile, Gus is just desperate to stop the game and get into the shot.)

I hope your cats enjoy this one as much as mine do.  Now go out there and have some pom-tastic times with Mr. Flufferdoodle and Ralph Von Stripey.  Onward and Upward!  🙂

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