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Pipe Cleaner Toy

Pipe Cleaner Toy

Bonjour!  This week we’re doing a little something different with the DIY cat toy.  Instead of jumping head first into Pinterest like Scrooge McDuck jumping into his coin swimming pool, I decided to bring you a cat toy offering of my own.  FYI, you’re totally going to youtube DuckTales later.  You know you are.  Remember the song?  Come on, you know you do.  I’m singing it aloud right now.

Pipe Cleaner Toy

This toy is one I’ve been making for years.  You know how it is when you bring home a new toy from the store for your pet.  They’d rather play with the box or the package it came it.  It’s an inevitability.  The same is true with the evolution of this toy.  This is way back now, back when there was just Pie and no boys.  Pie had plenty of toys to play with…ahem…your Rooster friend, Pie…ahem.  But one day I got pipe cleaners to use for some craft project or other.  Well, she must have thought they belonged to her, because one day they were strewn all over the house and she was batting them around.  The boys have kept the tradition alive.  Gus, in particular, has a deep and heartfelt love for pipe cleaners, even after Pie has cooled on them.  Pie is a fickle cat with toys in general.  Usually you try to play with her and, well, she looks at you like this:

Pie Cutesy Play

Anyway, I’ve always thought the problem with pipe cleaners is that they have a little bit of a pointy end.  This toy rectifies that problem, ya’ll.  Here’s what you need:

-2 pipe cleaners of any color.

To assemble this five second toy: Take the pipe cleaners and wrap them together on one end, making sure to wind it around so that the pokey ends are covered.  Now you have one long pipe cleaner.  Bring the other two ends together to create a loop, and wind it around to mask the pointy ends again.  Now just mash it a little into the size of ball you want.  The boys love batting these around.  In our house, it gets five out of five purrs.

So that it, everyone.  Now go grab onto some DuckTales, woohoo.  🙂

Pipe Cleaner Toy


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