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Hidden Treat Toy

Cat Treat Toy

Bonjour!  We’re mixing things up a little at Pie and the Boys this week.  We’re going a little off the wall.  Just a tiny bit.  We’re doing cat toy diy first this week instead of a recipe.  Why?  Why not?  As several singers have said with different renditions of the song, that’s my prerogative.

I first saw this cat rattle toy, or hidden treat toy as I call it, on Catster.  And hey!  They have a version of the cat toy we tried last week too.  Everyone be lovin’ them toilet paper tube toys.

I’m not sure how your Sir Whisker Bottom likes his toys, but I have to say that Pie, Gus, and Oliver have always been a little lukewarm on toys in general.  They kind of remind me of five year olds: you buy them a toy, the toy is fun for five minutes, they play with the box it comes in, and then they forget about it.  Sometimes a magical thing happens when  you put the toy away, then take it out again later.  Somehow it becomes new again!  But then the love affair wears off once more.  For the most part there are only a handful of toys that have always been winners: the scratching post (that counts as a toy, right?  They are constantly hopping on and off of it), the cat tree (once again, hoping and frolicking), some kind of ball for Gus to fetch (yes, he really fetches), and the amazing red laser dot.  That last one never fails to impress.

But generally I think these homemade toys are going over pretty well.  Maybe I should come up with a ranking system of purrs, with one purr being a dismal reaction to the toy and five purrs being best.  Today’s toy is a solid three purrs, I think.  Here’s how it’s done:


-1 toilet paper tube

– a few favorite treats

-a pen or marker to doodle with if the mood strikes you.

Fold both sides of one end of the toilet paper tube down to make it pretty much closed.  Stick a few treats in.  Then, fold the other end down to pretty much close that side as well.  Make the ends a little loose so kitty can try to open it with her paws to get the treats out.  Doodle on it if you feel like it.

The boys really came running when they heard the treats come out.  Originally I was going to doodle a crude drawing for this week’s toy, but instead I’ll caption the pictures.  I think they say it all:

Cat Treat toy

Gus: “Why try to get the treats out of that thing when she dropped a piece of kibble over here?”

Oliver: “Why are the treats in dis?  I want de treats out here wif me.”

The picture at the top of the post was Oliver patiently waiting for the treats to come out in their own sweet time.

And finally this last picture says it all:

Cat Treat Toy

Oliver: “We are not amused.”

Apparently treats weren’t a game this week.  Treats were serious business!  They stared up at me with faces pretty much like this until I relented and gave them a few tasty nuggets.  As a P.S. to this tale, though, they have been batting the toy around  quite a bit lately to get the treats out, especially at night.  As in, about two in the morning.  Is that revenge?  Probably.  Oliver won’t be defeated!

Enjoy this toy, everyone!  Just watch out for that rattle in the middle of the night!


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