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Espresso Syrup

espresso syrup

Raise your hand if you love coffee!  Do you love it as much as I do?  Do you love it to Gilmore Girls levels?  I certainly do.  Oh, and as a side note, I once heard that Alexis Bledel never liked coffee while the show was going on, so whenever you see her drinking a huge mug of coffee at Luke’s, it’s actually Coke.  That pretty much bummed me out when I heard it.  Let’s just hope that’s only a nasty rumor, right?😉

I’m kind of weird.  I never really drink pop (or soda if you’re not from Minnesota).  I always figure that if I’m going to drink some calories, it’s going to be a milkshake…or maybe a delicious coffee drink like a peppermint mocha.  Yum.  So usually any given day I drink water, tea, milk of some kind, and regular coffee with either a sprinkle of sugar or a little bit of milk.

But then there are the days when you really need a latte.  You need a drink that’s big, bold, and sassy. 😀.  And sometimes you have the urge to make one yourself.  Of course there are a lot of different ways to sweeten your latte up if you really have your heart set on it.  (And believe me, I usually do).  You could add honey, agave nectar, plain ol’ sugar, or some kind of syrup.  But why buy a syrup when you can make one of your own?

espresso syrup

I love this homemade espresso syrup firstly because it has a really nice coffee kick and would be great in a homemade coffee milkshake, but also because after taking the ten minutes or so that it takes to make it, you have syrup enough to last you weeks and weeks.

This syrup is thin, so it mixes in perfectly to latte drinks.  That means you don’t have to worry about all of the syrup sticking to the bottom of the mug.  I always get really sad when I order a latte or mocha and get to the bottom of my cup and see that huge ring of syrup.  Oh, that’s where the flavor is. 😀

And don’t forget to try a teaspoon or two of this in your regular black coffee instead of sugar.  It’s wonderful.  But really, don’t you want to just make that coffee milkshake?  😉

From I love Coffee! Over 100 Easy and Delicious Coffee Drinks.

espresso syrup

Espresso Syrup
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup water
  • 4 ounces hot, fresh espresso or strong coffee.
  1. Combine sugar and water in a small saucepan over medium heat and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for five minutes.
  2. Remove from the heat and allow to cool for a minute.
  3. Stir in the espresso and allow the mixture to sit for 30 minutes before using.
  4. Store in the fridge.


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  • Nicole @ Young, Broke and Hungry November 10, 2015, 11:19 am

    Adding a little extra coffee to my morning cup of joe sounds delightful, and will maybe actually wake me up.

    • Amanda November 10, 2015, 4:07 pm

      Haha! Coffee has a weird impact on me. It doesn’t wake me up in the morning like it should, but if I have it in the afternoon it won’t let me fall asleep that night. Doesn’t seem fair. Haha. 😀

  • Rachelle @ Beer Girl Cooks November 10, 2015, 12:10 pm

    I do love coffee and hit the Starbucks in my office building almost daily. If I had this espresso syrup I could probably save myself a TON of cash!

    • Amanda November 10, 2015, 4:08 pm

      Oh man, I wish I had a Starbucks that close to me, though! Thank goodness for homemade!

  • Vicky & Ruth- May I Have That Recipe November 10, 2015, 2:15 pm

    I never thought to make my own coffee syrup! Such a good idea and so simple…thank you for sharing!

    • Amanda November 10, 2015, 4:09 pm

      Thank you! It seems like nothing brings a smile to someone’s face like coffee…and maybe a little slice of dessert to go with it. 😉

  • Michele @ Two Raspberries November 10, 2015, 5:33 pm

    this is such a unique recipe! I totally need to try this! it sounds really tasty! 😉

    • Amanda November 16, 2015, 2:56 pm


  • Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary November 11, 2015, 10:53 am

    Hand is raised! LOVE coffee.. specifically Skinny Iced Vanilla Lattes. Daily. 🙂 I love the gilmore girls too! I have never heard that nasty little rumor about Alexis Bledel, but now I totally want to google it! Anyways, loooving your espresso syrup! Never thought to make it myself, so this is pretty genius! I’m going to have to get it a try! Cheers, doll!

    • Amanda November 16, 2015, 2:56 pm

      I sure hope it’s a rumor. How could you not like coffee? 🙂

  • annie@ciaochowbambina November 12, 2015, 2:59 pm

    Hand raised. Both hands raised. Both hands waving. I. Love. Coffee. I always (only) drink it black – but this could be a nice treat! Thanks for sharing, friend!

    • Amanda November 16, 2015, 2:57 pm

      Haha! I’m so glad to know that other people love coffee as much as me. Thanks!

  • Jessica @ Sweetest Menu November 12, 2015, 8:18 pm

    Hehehe I have heard that rumor about Gilmore Girls! Love that show! This syrup looks so good!

    • Amanda November 16, 2015, 2:58 pm

      Thank you, Jessica! Pop is just not a coffee replacement, right? 😉

  • Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen November 13, 2015, 7:29 am

    Thank you for this awesome and unique recipe. Loved it! 🙂

    • Amanda November 16, 2015, 2:59 pm

      Thanks a bunch! 😃

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