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DIY Plastic Container Toy


Another week, another attempt to amuse Pie and the boys with a DIY toy of their very own.  This week’s toy is another pretty simple one you can make with items you probably have on hand anyway.  I got the idea from that amazing invention known as Pinterest once again!  There are several different versions, but I found this plastic container toy on The Glam Cat.  Here’s what you need:

-A Plastic container (I used one of the many Christmas Walmart containers that are disorganized and threatening to cause an avalanche whenever you open the cupboard)

-A scissors

-Some catnip

-Cat mice, fluffy balls, or any other favorite toys

-Cat treats.

This is completed in a flash.  Simply cut holes in the top of the plastic container.  Make sure they are big enough for your cat to stick his paw in to grab at a treat or toy.  Once that is done you just fill it with a cache of toys and treats.  This has to be irresistible, right?  Other cats are enjoying it.  Internet cats love it.  You hear that, Pie?

So how did my cats love it?


Making this toy and watching Pie and the boys play with it kind of made me feel like a weird cross between a researcher observing noble creatures on the African Savannah as they bat something around, and a lowly servant in Elizabethan England dancing around the royal court like a fool.  At first the situation looked hopeful.  Gus came right up to the plastic container and peered in.  He stared at it for maybe five minutes, waiting for something to happen.  After sticking a tentative paw in, he figured this was beneath him and walked away.  Pie, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered to play with something so trivial.  In five days she walked by it and never even bothered to check it out.  Oliver was a little more pleased.  He reached in and grabbed all three toys, then tried to press his face against the holes to get the treats.  But after a few minutes, he too, walked away.  That was about three days ago, and no one has been back to the toy since.  I believe that’s about as mixed as results could possibly be.  But I remain hopeful.  The toys seem to get better each week.  There was actual interaction with this one for more than a day, so that has to be a plus.  Right?  Right?


Next week’s toy will feature cardboard toilet paper tubes.  If that doesn’t make the cats come runnin’, what in the world will?  Am I right?  Sounds like a party!

Stay chill, all!

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