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Bottle Cat Toy


It came from the internet!  Sounds kind of like a 1950s sci fi movie, doesn’t it?  Ala Creature from the Black Lagoon.  In this case it would be more fitting to say “It came from Pinterest.”  Isn’t that where everything comes from nowadays?  Pinterest can teach you how to lose weight, make a cheesecake that tastes like cinnamon buns, create your own makeup, and make a bracelet from Starburst wrappers.  Hello, I’m a child of the 80s/90s.  That’s what we did on the playground.  And you know what?  I failed at it miserably there too.

But you find a lot of neat DIY pet toys/games/treats on Pinterest, so I thought I’d give it a go.  The pets all seemed so pleased with the toys their companion humans had made them.  How would mine compare?  Are Pie and the boys as appreciative as some other pets?  Or, is there a chance that they won’t, in fact, be the least be impressed?  Let’s find out!

I decided to make a plastic bottle cat toy filled with treats and catnip.  This toy idea is swimming around several places on Pinterest, but I originally found this bottle toy at All Things Pink.


Here’s what you need:

1. An empty water bottle that is completely dry

2. A scissors

3.  Cat treats of your choice.  (I chose Greenies.  Pie and the boys love them and they are good for their teeth.)

4. Catnip

Here’s how it goes: Take your trusty scissors and, unlike me, don’t cut yourself.  Instead, cut several holes around the bottle for little treats and catnip to fall out when the cat bats it around.  Make sure to make the holes big enough for the treats to fall through.  That’s the only real trick.  Stick some treats and nip inside, put it on the floor in front of an obliging cat, and wait for the thanks to come pouring in.


But how did the cats like all my effort?  Well…Oliver was the only one who cared…at all.  He came as soon as the Greenies bag was opened.  Gus and Pie had no interest when I put it in front of their faces.  Oliver smelled it, batted it once, and then looked up at me.  After a couple hours it was left completely forgotten.  After a couple days it still hadn’t moved.  Finally I kicked it toward Oliver and a treat came out.  He ate it and then walked away.  I think there’s a good chance Pie and the boys have a little bit of sass.  They won this round, but who knows what toy I’ll find to make them next time?  They might love it!  They might play with it all day long.  Or, they might act exactly the same as they did this time.  Time to search on Pinterest again!


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