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Blueberry Basil Iced Tea

iced tea

This next song is a lil somethin I like to call blueberry basil iced tea.

(This is the part where you imagine me gently strumming a guitar).

Did you imagine it?  Good!

If you’re anything like me, your relationship with iced tea has been a twisty, turny road. As a kid iced tea=sugar. I drank Brisk iced tea in the can. Habitually. Remember the snow man on the can?  This was tea to me. I vividly recall being at a restaurant and ordering an iced tea. I must have been nine or so. When it came, I took a sip. Unsweetened!  If you could have seen me you would have thought I was drinking pure poison.

Oh, how the times change.

After that I went through a phase where I liked the tea in the glass bottle that was probably actually maybe a little bit tea, and also had a touch of mint or lemon. But the metamorphosis wasn’t complete until I fell in love with good old fashioned hot tea. Chamomile citrus from Mighty Leaf, anyone?  Sometimes I like my tea with a little milk, but usually I like it straight up. :p. Now I can’t imagine having super sweet iced tea. And if you’re anything like me, I think you’ll enjoy this tea.

iced tea

What’s really great about about this flavored iced tea is you can add in whatever tickles your fancy. FYI basil strawberry would be excellent. The blueberries give it just a pop of something something, and I could go on and on about my love for basil in drinks. I think thyme would be great too. Maybe with peach?

I use chamomile tea bags here because I have a super abundance of them, but feel free to use whatever is your favorite.

So let’s raise our glasses to this summertime treat. Turn in the sprinkler and let’s run through it!

iced tea

(This recipe comes from an iced tea I found on The Rising Spoon).

Blueberry Basil Iced Tea
  • 2½ quarts purified water
  • 4-5 tea bags
  • A few sprigs of basil
  • ½ cup blueberries, mashed
  1. Mix all of the ingredients in a pitcher with a lid.
  2. Let the tea steep in the fridge at least overnight, but up to a day.
  3. Strain out basil and blueberries and serve.



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