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About Us

Cheers!  On your travels around the internet you’ve stumbled upon Pie and the Boys!

But who exactly are Pie and the Boys?  Well…

This is Pie:


These are the boys:




Oliver Twist!

And I’m their companion human, Amanda Braun:


Let’s cook something!

Pie and the Boys is all about a love for food (especially baking) and a love for those furry friends of our who are always waiting by our heels in the hopes of catching bits of falling dough or crumble.  (Oliver, I’m talking to you, here).

Want to know more about us?  Weird, but ok.  There’s only way way to do this then: in the style of that great French film Amelie.  Amanda is a Minnesota native with a graduate degree in English.  Amanda likes: Movies from the 1930s and 1940s, adopting all of the worn and marked-up Gothic novels at library sales, and discovering unmixed cookie dough pieces at the bottom of milkshakes.  Amanda dislikes: when people in movies don’t eat the food that’s in front of them, the sound of any kind of timer going off, and finding out your shoes don’t have any traction on ice.

Gus is a short-haired orange cat.  Gus likes: staring off into space, letting a few drops of water hit his nose while he drinks from the tub faucet, and fetching small toys over and over again.  Gus dislikes: when shoes are moved from their normal place to anywhere else, loud walking, and when Oliver bites his butt while playing.

Oliver is a long-haired orange and white cat.  Oliver likes: being in the kitchen while someone is baking, lounging on the yoga mat, and staring at the walls at night while headlights go by.  Oliver dislikes: when perfume is sprayed, when furniture is moved around the house, and when any door is shut for more than five seconds.

Pie is a speckled white, orange and grey cat who doesn’t have a tail.  Pie likes: turkey lunch meat, hiding under newspapers, and sitting in the bathroom when people take showers.  Pie dislikes: People who try to pet her, people who try to hold her, and playing with anyone but Oliver.

Now, don’t be fooled by how sweet and docile these cats look.  I may write the posts, make the recipes, and edit the site, but these three are the ones in charge…when they’re not trying to find a plastic bag to lick, that is.

So I hope before you head back out there and ride your white pony into the internet sunset, you spend some time with my cats and I while we get flour all over ourselves, make a mess in the kitchen, and fill our faces with all that is gooey, cakey, and glorious.